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 Gites Jean Luzent north west side

 Follow the country road - all the way... you've found it - our „little paradise“ - in Saint Bauzeil, a rural village of 60 inhabitants : green, peaceful, quiet, relaxing: surrounded by pastures with the neighbour's sheep or cows on one side - forest, prairie and an old apple orchard on the other side.


some "neighbours"
Ferme Jean Luzent Saint Bauzeil Ariege Pyrenees

The traditional farm house in regional style was converted into 3 gites (self catering vacation homes) and our place. You'll find a comfortable accommodation for 2 to 3 people in two of the gites, and for up to 4 people in the bigger one. In addition there is a big room on the ground floor for common use of our guests to meet.

Chapel of St. Bauzeil

You share our passion for nature. A great variety of plants and wild flowers as well as birds, butterflies, rare reptiles live around us: maybe you're lucky enough to even see a fox, some roes or a hare. Or you're just looking to get some rest underneath a 300 year old oak tree? And maybe later you prepare some nice steaks on the BBQ in the light of a beautiful sunset.

Map Ariege Pyrenees
Oh, It's soo cool here ...!

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